Selected Poetry


Excerpts from Doyen - Tarpaulin Sky

"To Obama From the Porch School" - Drunken Boat

"Bird Leaves the Cornice" - 1913

Excerpts from Friend of Mies Van der Rohe - Eleven Eleven

"Even As We Make Our Way to Abandon" - EAOGH

"The Jonestown Project: Hour 8" - Trickhouse 4



Excerpts from Friend of Mies Van Der Rohe - Far From the Centers of Ambition Anthology

Excerpts from The Posture of Contour a Public Primer - Aufgabe 12

Excerpts from The Care With Which There Is - New American Writing 29

Excerpts from The Posture of Contour: A Public Primer - Tammy 3

Creative Non-Fiction

"Ways To See In Onion" - Fence Magazine Winter 2012-13


With Joshua Ware - "Awful Interview" at Vouched Books

With Rachel Dalamangas - Zing Magazine

With Cynthia Hogue - The Best American Poetry

Selected Reviews


Harrow - Jacket

In The Absent Everyday - Octopus 8



Jena Osman's An Essay in Asterisks - Denver Quarterly

Gustaf Sobin's The Places as Preludes - First Intensity 22


Rebecca Wolff reads Johnny Cash for WGXC Community Radio

Segue Series at the Bowery Poetry Club, NYC 10.31.09

Apostrophe Cast: Episode 47