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Canyons: Shout out in At Buffalo by James belflower

At Buffalo, the magazine for alumni and friends of SUNY Buffalo gives a shout out to Canyons. Matthew Klane is '03 Buffalo alumni.

James Belflower and Matthew Klane (MA ’03) 
In this challenging collection of poetry and visual art exploring the legacy of Manifest Destiny, Klane and Belflower blur the boundaries between the two art forms. Each poem is spread over multiple pages—interspersed with topographic map visuals, full-color collages and a series of imagined letters from the wife of William Gilpin (the first governor of the Colorado territory and a businessman of questionable repute)—providing an idiosyncratically layered trip through the history of the American West. (Flimb Press, 2016) 

We appreciate the mention, however, the description incorrectly states that the letters in the text were written by Mrs. William Gilpin. In fact, the letters were transcribed by Mrs. William Gilpin, but written by an unknown person.